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Best Landline Telephone for Hearing Loss | CapTel Captioned Telephone

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Dr. High Cliff Olson, Audiologist and also Creator of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, goes over the most effective landline telephone for people with hearing loss. The CapTel Captioned Telephone.


The Americans with Disabilities Act supplies people with hearing loss a FREE captioned telephone.

My preferred is the CapTel Captioned Telephone. It is my favored landline phone for people with hearing loss for the complying with factors:

1. You obtain specialist installment as well as configuration of your CapTel Phone.

2. You can change the typeface dimension of the letters so you can see them much better.

3. You can boost the quantity of the mobile to make it much more distinct. You can likewise change the high as well as reduced regularities to provide you extra clearness on the phone.

4. You can utilize it on speaker phone and also include an outside audio speaker to make it louder.

5. You can Bluetooth noise to your listening device with a Bluetooth Streamer.

6. It captions your voicemails so you can review them along with paying attention to them.

7. It shops calls with pictures for simple calls and also customer ID.

Exactly how do you obtain a CapTel Captioned Telephone?

1. Call a hearing treatment specialist

2. Have your hearing examined

3. Ask for a CapTel phone

4. Wait on CapTel to call you to set up setup and also training.

5. Restore you capacity to connect with confidence on the phone.