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Callez Office Phone Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling, RJ9 Telephone Headsets Compatible with Yealink VoIP Phone T46S T48S T42S T23G T27G T29G T33G T21P T43U T46U T53W T54W Grandstream Snom

Compatible List for Yealink IP Phones RJ9 connection to Yealink IP phones, consisting of T19(P)E2/ T20P/ T21(P)E2/ T22P/ T23P/ T23G/ T26P/ T27G/ T28P/ T29G/ T30/ T30P/ T31/ T31P/ T31G/ T33P/ T33G/ T38G/ T40P/ T40G/ T41S/ T42S/ T46S/ T48S/ T42U/ T43U/ T46U/ T48U/ T53/ T53W/ T54W/ T57W/ T58A/ VP59/ T41S SFB/ T42S SFB/ T46S SFB/ T48S SFB/ T55A SFB/ T56A SFB/ T58A SFB/ MP56 and so on Perfectly Compatible with More VoIP Phones Direct attach over the head landline telephone headset with microphone. Crystal Clear Calls High audio top quality RJ9 Call Center Phone Headset with Microphone allows exceptional audio high quality for all-natural paying attention experience, includes Noise Cancelling Microphone to lower history sound, Acoustic Shock Protection Circuit to secure your hearing. Accuracy style, high quality plastics, unibody headband building, exceptional high quality microphone makes this landline phone headset stronger as well as a lot more resilient.

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