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Consultant Technologies Launch IMJack

Consultant Technologies Launch IMJack

A Consultant Technologies product is set to revolutionize instant messaging for business.

Specially designed for the corporate sphere, IMJack offers real-time messaging multi-user conferencing and personalized presence and availability settings.

It is set to make multi-tasking and online collaboration a natural part of office life. IMJack should also save businesses time and money by enabling quick answers to just a moment requests, freeing external telephone lines and reducing out-of-office excursions.

Over 85 per cent of employees use instant messaging at work, according to a survey by the Radicati Group.

IMJack is different to consumer instant messaging in that it offers high-tech monitoring and strong security measures, protecting information from hackers and leaks.

Crucially, whereas consumer messaging can lead to falls in productivity, IMJack enables a firm to choose whom they add to the network.

Other features include full messaging and voice recording and super-fast file sharing.

Moreover, the personalized presence function informs colleagues – at your discretion – where you are and when you will be back.

Coenraad Bezuidenhout, who is in charge of the product, said: ”We are excited to announce our launch of the IMJack secure instant messaging product as part of our changing business model. We believe it will add significant value to businesses of all sizes – not only will they see an immediate increase in efficiency, they will also see a measurable reduction in bottom-line costs. We are confident that anyone will see the benefit to them within a few weeks of using IMJack.”

Mr Bezuidenhout added: ”Were seeing the application of the IMJack product extend into several sectors including education where schools are using it to protect children against cyber-bullying and undesired external influences. ”

Andy Tucker, one of the users of the IMJack product from Thai Mosaic and Ceramics, commented: ”IMJack Secure IM brought our company a conservative cost saving of £4,000 per month. TMC reached a full Return on Investment after just 2 1/2 months of using IMJack.

”This was achieved through reducing our courier costs, improving our contacts with our suppliers and freeing-up our landlines to take more sales calls. TMC can highly recommend the IMJack product.”

* Secure Instant Messaging
– Like owning your own private “members-only” stretch of the Internet. End-to-end 256-bit encryption between your in-house staff and off-site workers, clients, and suppliers
– Persistent multi-user conferencing
– Real-time collaboration

* Controlled User Access
– You decide who to add, who to exclude
– Discretionary message recording and archiving achieves full legislated compliance, if required

* Power File Transfers
– Lightning fast and massive file transfer (25 MB and more) without the limits typical of ISPs and firewalls

* Personalised “presence” and availability
– Know who’s available and who’s not. Use T-mail message notification and reminders to be sure your message reaches them as soon as they become available. No more “telephone-tennis”

Secure Instant Messaging that’s going to transform the way you do business. Real-time messaging, multi-user conferencing, personalised “presence” and availability settings: all the plug-and-play simplicity of consumer “chat” but built for business. Massive file transfers (25MB and more), discretionary message recording and archiving, VoIP and controlled user access that keeps your people in the loop, while keeping the worms, phish, viruses, and chat-marathons outside the door.