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Easiest to use deGoogled Phone? /e/OS Review

Standard Startup
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eCloud Setup
A1 00:01:54:11
Application Lounge Review
A1 00:03:31:17
Application Lounge Privacy Feature
A1 00:04:43:00
Advanced Privacy
A1 00:06:46:25
Activation/ Sim Card
A1 00:09:35:01
A1 00:12:25:01
Maps/VPN/Location Spoofing
A1 00:13:19:26
Weather condition App
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/ e/OS Operating System makes an outstanding deGoogled phone that is Privacy-Ready out-of-the-box.
It is a full, totally “deGoogled”, mobile ecological community; consisting of internet search engine, e-mail system, cloud storage space as well as has a number of Advanced Privacy Features. Every one of this aids make one of the very best personal privacy phones and also most convenient to utilize deGoogled phones readily available.

Exactly how does your phone and also computer system spy on you?

How Are Your Phone & Computer Spying on YOU?

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