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Introduction to Telephone Systems

If you comprehend just how they function, Telephone systems are not made complex.
A Word on VoIP
VoIP is not a telephone system
PSTN– Public Switched Telephone Network resembles the Internet, but also for telephone interaction
NADP– North American Dialing Plan– Is the system for directing phone conversation.
Home office– All telephone lines link to a neighborhood headquarters
Trunk Lines
Every Trunk Line has a phone number
A Trunk Line enables 1 outward bound or inbound telephone call. You can have even more telephones in a structure after that you have trunk lines.
Inbound Trunk lines are arrangement in Hunt Groups. , if the primary phone number is hectic the phone call is instantly sent to the following number in the Hunt Group

North American Numbering Plan.
PSTN– Wikipedia.

This course presents trainees to the fundamental elements of telephone systems.
Subjects Covered

Telephone Systems


Public Switched Telephone Network
Home office
Trunk Lines
PBX as well as Voicemail Systems
PBX Stations
Voicemail Subcribers
Course Notes

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Inbound Hunt Groups are configuration by your neighborhood phone company.
Outbound phone calls can be directed to make use of chosen trunk lines. This in set up in your PBX.
PBX as well as Voicemail
The PBX paths phone call
The Voicemail system supplies all audio messaging. (Voicemail boxes, Message Boards, and also Auto Attendant Messages).
All gadgets that link to the PBX are “Stations”. This consists of telephones, telephone call boxes, intercom systems, and so on.
There are 2 kinds of terminals; Analogue and also Digital.
Analogue as well as Digital terminals need to be attached to suitable ports on the PBX. An analogue phone can not link to an electronic port and also the other way around.
Mostly all facsimile machine and also phones you purchase stores are analogue. Due to the fact that it’s connected right into an electronic line, if your brand-new fax equipment does not function it might be.
Customers are customers of the Voicemail system.
Clients do not need to have terminals.
Voicemail ports are the variety of links to the Voicemail system at any type of one-time. This consists of not simply individuals fetching their voicemail, however additionally inbound phone calls that attach to Auto Attendant messages.
Last Thoughts.
Take care prior to you touch! Many older telephone and also voicemail systems were provided utilizing a phone computer system, not and also keypad user interface. , if you mess something up it can be really hard to reconstruct an erased Auto Attendant or such.

Objective of Class