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Outside of the Office:

Outside of the Office:

Establishing Working Relationships with a Virtual Assistant

The idea of being virtual and working for someone is a newer concept to most. The inception of this idea was only thirty years ago, with the concept only becoming popular in the last two decades. Because of this, there are new rules that are being required to be set for how to work with those that aren’t in the office. If you have signed a contract with a virtual assistant, you will want to make sure that you have a checklist for keeping the relationship strong.

The difficulty of working with a virtual assistant is that there won’t be as much communication. You won’t see them in the office every day, and there won’t be the ability to simply walk across the room to see how things are going. Not only this, but most likely, a virtual assistant won’t necessarily be working only for you, depending on the amount of work that you decide to give them.

If you have hired a virtual assistant you will still want to keep in touch and make sure that everything is communicated properly. An occasional e-mail or telephone call just to see how things are going on the other end of the business can help to keep things clear. This will also ensure that what you want to get done with your business is receiving the attention that it deserves.

Beyond this, you will want to make sure that the relationship between you and the virtual assistant is strong. Even though they are working for you, there should be comfort levels that are reached, even before a project starts. This will give the assistant the room to ask you questions needed and will help them to strive for better quality.

If you are working towards hiring a virtual assistant, you will want to make sure that the communication is in place. Talking to the person on the other end every once in a while and supporting a comfortable working relationship are essential to making sure that all of the work is done smoothly.