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Setting up a NEW 1982 Answering Machine (with Bluetooth!)

Unboxing and testing a new old stock Record-a-Call Model 675 from 40 years ago! A woodgrain-clad answering machine that uses full-size compact cassette tapes to record messages, which I’ve paired with a lovely 1979 Deco-Tel Chest Phone. Let’s try it out with an XLink Bluetooth adapter on a modern VoIP service!

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00:00 Intro to the Record a Call 675
03:16 Background & They Might Be Giants
05:12 New Old Stock Unboxing
10:33 Ooh, Dat Answering Machine
15:28 The 1979 Chestphone
16:45 Testing the XLink Gateway
20:00 Leaving a Message!
21:34 Does the Remote Work?
24:25 Outroduction

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